PROFILE (English)

School/company’s name is kept anonymous online. Please feel free to contact me for a full-version resume.

Educational/Work history
●Private International School : High school (Bangkok,Thailand) 
2006 year graduate
●National University : Majored in Drama/Film & Television study (Brisbane,Australia)
2007 year enrolled/2010 year graduate
●Acting School : Actor class (Tokyo,Japan)
2011 year enrolled/2013 year graduate
●Actors Agency (Tokyo,Japan)
2013 year registered/2017 year unregistered
●Visualmedia translation school (Tokyo,Japan)
2019 year studied total: 86 hours 20 min
●Call center (Tokyo,Japan)
2018 year started
●Freelance subtitle translator (Tokyo,Japan)
2020 year April started

●TOEIC 905

Social Media
Filmmarks・・・Movie review (Japanese)

Films used to study at visualmedia translation school
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